[07] Don K. Preston: The Coming of the Lord in the Old Testament

On December 6th, 2016 the seventh Monthly Fulfilled Prophecy Conference Call took place, hosted by Jordan Hardgrave and featuring Don K. Preston as the main speaker. Don lives in Ardmore, Oklahoma, and is the founder and president of Preterist Research Institute. Don has authored more than 20 books on fulfilled eschatology and his websites can be seen at www.bibleprophecy.com and www.eschatology.org.

Don’s message was titled, “The Coming of the Lord in the Old Testament.” Don discussed examples of how the Lord came in judgment various times and in various locations in the Old Testament era. The language used to describe these judgments sounds like descriptions of “the end of the world,” but the context demands an understanding that these judgments already took place and were not worldwide. This sheds light on how to understand this same language when it appears in the New Testament as well.

Here’s the audio of his message (59:50 Presentation; 15:45 Q & A). Please feel free to share your thoughts and questions in the Comment section below:


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