In April 2016 Jordan Hardgrave began hosting a Monthly Preterist Conference Call. These calls take place once a month, and are attended by those who believe in fulfilled eschatology or are interested in learning more. In short, fulfilled eschatology (preterism) teaches that the Biblical “last days” took place in the first century AD, during the generation of Jesus and His disciples. As a result, we now live in the never-ending kingdom of God, the New Jerusalem, and the new heavens and new earth.

These and other related truths are featured in each monthly call. These calls typically feature an invited main speaker (presenting a 20-30 minute message), questions and answers, and a time of discussion. Anyone who participates can give their input after the main presentation. At this site all of the main presentations will be posted and archived. Please feel free to share your thoughts on each one!

Jordan, his wife, and their daughter live in Knoxville, Arkansas. Jordan’s personal website, “New Covenant Nation Blog,” can be seen here.

Photo Credit for Header Image: Gavin Hellier/Alamy (Dickenson Bay, Antigua)